Why Sedona Equity Registrar & Transfer Inc.?


Each public company is required to have an SEC-registered securities transfer agent and registrar handle their shareholder needs.  The transfer agent represents the company’s shareholders from the company’s perspective much as a brokerage firm represents the individual shareholders from a market perspective.  A public company must pay attention to both sides.  Brokerage firms are regulated by FINRA while transfer agents are regulated directly by the SEC.

Who you, as a company, choose to be your transfer agent is very important to your comfort level as you grow.  You do not want to be overlooked nor treated as if you are less important.  You want the safety of understandable guidance concerning the regulations and a sense that you can rely on the transfer agency to provide knowledgeable service with an attention to all the details.  This is what we offer.

Safety and Service  

Our clients and account managers create a lasting bond that builds trust and peace of mind.  We are efficient, supportive, knowledgeable about the law and we are here for you!

Innovation and Technology

We use the most innovative, user-friendly software in the industry.  Through the internet and its powerful on-line tools and apps shareholders will be able to access their account holdings and Company Officers can access the appropriate reports, all at the click of a button.

Experience and Reliability

You can rely on us to be knowledgeable (30+ years combined experience), helpful, and thorough in the work we do for you.  We are exacting, fast, efficient, and we can’t stand making errors.  We double-check everything before it goes out.  If your experience with a transfer agent has been previously frustrating you need to come to us immediately!

A Practical Guide For the Transfer of U.S. Equity Securities

A Practical Guide for the Transfer of U.S. Equity Securities, Basic Principles and Procedures is a full-scope securities transfer textbook, written in plain language, that is oriented from a practical, real-life standpoint that will better prepare transfer agents to pass SEC examinations using their current software systems.

A Practical Guide For the Transfer of U. S. Equity Securities is specifically targeted to non-attorney corporate secretaries and governance professionals, paralegals, in-house transfer agents, new employees of commercially independent transfer agencies, any transfer agent not yet involved with electronic processing or cost basis, and those within corporate management who have hired an outside transfer agent but want to know what should and is being done for them.

In addition to the daily practical guidelines of securities transfer, this book also contains topics on Cost Basis Reporting, FAST/DWAC electronic processing, Notice & Access, the differences between Participant and Limited Pariticipant actions and abililities, the current rules and regulations for transfer agents AND the concepts behind new transfer agent rules that are being considered by the SEC.

BTW:  The town of Sedona in Arizona is known for its positive energy and calm tranquility as if there isn’t a care in the world when you’re there.  At Sedona Equity we want you to be so sure your shareholder needs will be satisfied that it brings you that same sense of peace and tranquility you would receive from a vacation to Sedona.

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